Tax Return In Australia

The financial year in Australia starts from July 1 of the previous year to June 30 of the said year. As an example, the 2014 tax year covers from July 1, 2013 to June 30 2014 and the 2015 tax year starts from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015. It is a rule that everybody who works in Australia lodge a tax return in the Australian Tax Office. The tax return is a form that you fill up and it lets the Australian government ot know how much income you receive.

The tax return can be done by anyone but a registered tax agent is the only one who is eligible to lodge a tax return on your behalf. If you decide to work with an agent, make sure that they are duly registered and authorized by the tax office.

The refund that you will get will depend on different instances depending on one person to another. One of the major factors that affects the amount of the tax return is the gross income as well as the tax paid in relation to the number of months of work.

Requirements For Tax
For tax agents to be able to be able to lodge your tax return on your behalf, you will need to provide them complete details about yourself as well as PAYG payment summaries for all and each of the jobs that you have for that year. Personal details will include your full name, birthday, Tax file number as well as your postal address. The PAYG payment summary comes from your employer and it will show both amounts, the first is the gross amount wherein the tax wasn’t subtracted yet and the second amount wherein the tax is already withheld.

Tax agents are able to get your details through several methods. Some of them can get it personally through you when you drop by their office. A tax accountant will be able to prepare all the paper works after waiting for several minutes. Phone calls to the office can also be a way to give your information. Agents will be happy to provide you with answers to any questions you have and they will also help you get to understand the process. Emails can also be a great way to connect with the tax agent of your choice. You can attach the information needed and they can surely call you back when everything is ready. There are also some tax agents who have their own website where you can download the forms and fill it up. You can then submit the filled up form online.

Remember that it is in the law that you should file for the tax return when you work in Australia. Always make sure that you take a look at the agent’s credentials to make sure that they are really authorized to help you. In finding reliable agents, seek the help of your relatives and friends. They might be able to recommend an agent that they previously had a great experience with.

Education Advice for Single Moms

If a single mother is looking to perhaps improve their situation by furthering their education, if she is already working, the best advice she could be given is to first check with her employer as a recent survey showed, 60% of American companies were now prepared to assist any single mother employee, with education fees if required. Other scholarships for mothers advice though is readily available on the internet and there may well be more scholarships available than she may have thought.

To start with there are federal government programs such as the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant which single mothers can apply for and if successful, receive as much as 44,000 towards a further education. The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education program is prepared to assist those single mothers that would like to take training to become teachers. The Academic Competitiveness Grant is for single mothers that may have already attained secondary level education and the National Science and Mathematics Access to Retail Talent (SMART) program is another one which could award as much as 44,000 to a single mother looking to improve her education.

Other than those there are also individual state programs and scholarships that can apply to single mothers and some which specifically target trying to assist single mothers. It is also possible to find teaching establishments that offer their own scholarships and for single mothers perhaps the best ones to look at are those that specialize in teaching or nurses training. Then there are the private charities or foundations that are available to request assistance from and these include the Jeannette Rankin Scholarship Fund which has already paid out over $2 million to assist women over 35 to obtain associate degrees. The Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation which has awarded as much as $1.7 million to assist women under 25 with education fees and the James E. “Pete“ Petersen Scholarship which, since 1985, has been assisting women to get a further education and in the case of this scholarship, preference is given to applicants that are single mothers. Of course not all scholarships or grants will pay for all the tuition fees plus the other expenses but most of them pay enough to make a further education possible.

Obviously if a single mother could improve her education, it could lead to a better paid job which in turn would lead to a better lifestyle for both the parent and the children but, in the shorter term another advantage also arises. If the children see their parent finding the time within their busy schedule, to study in order to try for a better future, it often inspired them to try harder at school. If the children try harder at school obviously they may get better results which can always help them but, perhaps a hidden advantage is that they need less help with their homework meaning, a single mother may gain some extra time for her own studies, which of course could always be a help to them.

3 Basic Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting the Grants Awarded to Single Moms

If you are a single mom who has a low income and who has been struggling financially to make both ends meet, the good news is that you have a greater chance of receiving some financial grants from the government. Once you are eligible to receive the financial grants, the government is more than willing to give the money to help you improve your financial situation. You can use the money for your education, business, housing needs, for the daycare center that your child can attend and more. However, you should know that the government imposes strict requirements that you must follow to the letter in order to become eligible. You must take note that the requirements may not be easy but once you are awarded the grants, you can benefit a lot. It is a wise idea to ask yourself some questions before getting the grants.

What are the grants offered for single moms?
If you are really interested in getting the grants, you must first familiarize yourself with the different grants offered by the government. There are many ways to obtain information about these grants. You can surf the internet to search for an In-depth list of grants for single mothers details. You can also ask other single moms. They can definitely inform you of your privileges. They can even help you with the process of obtaining the grants. Your friends or co-workers might know some people who have been awarded the grants. They can also refer you to those people who have already received the grants. You must read the list of grants and try to see if you can apply for any of the grants.

What are the requirements?
You must also know the requirements beforehand. Read all the requirements very carefully. Study them if you must. If you do not understand any of the requirements or the purposes of the grants, you must ask some people who know about those well. After knowing the requirements, you must ask yourself whether you can follow them or not. Most requirements are based on income of the applicants. More often than not, only those who can prove that they are in financial need are only the ones who can receive the grants. If it pertains to low income, try to see whether you are qualified or not.

What types of grants can I receive?
Most grants that are awarded to the eligible individuals are in the form of money. The amount of money they receive actually depends on certain factors such as their financial need, tuition cost and years of education among others. The amount of grants they can receive actually varies, from no money to over $5000 annually. There are grants that come in the form of resources or motivational programs to help business owners run their businesses well and encourage them to increase their profits. On the other hand, those programs that involve a university or college education provide up to a maximum of over $5000 to the awardees.

SMSF: The Basic Guide You Ought To Know

If you are thinking about a specific way by which you can invest your money the effective and profitable way then you must be feeling skeptical and overwhelmed nowadays. This is true to the fact that everywhere you turn different kinds of investment solutions are simply offered especially to workers and employees who are working to real hard to save for their future especially when they are already retired from their jobs. But you need not to fret and be skeptical anymore. With the aid of Self Manages Super Fund or SMSF, you will surely be able to come up with something that will help you make your hard-earned money grow until the day of your retirement.

What is Self Managed Super Fund?
This is a special kind of fund which is developed, established and dedicated to small groups of people. Most of the time, a single group is usually composed of not more than five members. Once the group is completed, it will soon fall under the regulation of the Tax Office of Australia. Since SMSF is a kind of trust fund, rest assured that every contributor or member has the position to be an authorized trustee as well.

This means that he is shouldered with the responsibility to do certain tasks which are intended for the management and operation of the group. Every member can also create and implement investment strategies for the betterment of the investment. However, it is for certain that all the profits made should not be used for persona; purposes by any member of the group or anyone who belongs to the third party.

How Can You Get Benefited from an SMSF?
A Self Managed Super Fund is commonly entitled to enjoy lower taxes and deductions due to tax concession. And once you are someone who is a trustee of this kind of trust fund, you are also entitled to enjoy certain types of government benefits as well as insurance coverage given that you are someone who suffers from a total or partial disability.

Who is Allowed to Join SMSF?
The fact is that everyone has the right to take part in a self managed super fund. This means that whether you are someone who is employed or not, you can simply take part in this kind of investment as long as you are capable of paying your regular contributions. Now if you are currently working but you have a low income, your spouse can help you with your contributions until you turn 65. Now if you are someone who is a self-employed individual, you may also contribute to the fund and make a claim on the full deduction for your taxes.

smsf As of the present days, many people are simply working real hard to save for their future especially for their retirement. If you are very much concerned about your financial standing after the day of your retirement, it really makes sense to find an effective and profitable kind of investment as early as today. And to learn more about SMSF, take the time to visit SMSF Selfmanaged Superfund today!

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TAKE IT EASY: Don’t Ever Rush Things When Investing

When running an investment or financing a business, you must put all things in place rather then complaining int he end that everything did not go as you have planned. It’s never too late to sort out the mistakes though, so let’s just take them as lessons to be learned.

You see, financing and investing requires keen sense of understanding and idea, you need to organize things in order for the cash to flow fluently into the table and bring you more profit. The better things are in place, the more return or percentage will get back into your pockets. For more information, you can watch the very useful video below. Thank you!